Is it good for your body to drink coconut water for a week?


Coconut water is a clear liquid like drink filled with vitamin, minerals, and electrolytes and holds a high quantity of potassium. It was also used as an alternative to saline during World War II.

Great for hydration

People have found that coconut water is a better choice for dehydration. It is also a great choice for people who suffer from nausea. When coconut water was compared to sports drinks, studies showed that coconut water is more hydrating than any other sports drink. Studies have shown that consuming potassium daily can reduce blood pressure. Due to the high amount of potassium found in coconut water, it is highly suggested to consume this drink to reduce blood pressure and was also used for transfusions. People who have lost a lot of blood, women who are pregnant and who are not able to keep food down during their pregnancy are given coconut water.


Coconut water get rid of upset stomach

Coconut soothes the lining in the stomach because it holds tannins which are known to reduce inflamed stomach. Coconut water is also a much better alternative than a banana which has for the most part been given to a person who suffers from an upset stomach. Coconut water contains more potassium than a banana and holds vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars that are great for the body.

Reloading electrolytes

Electrolytes are fundamental minerals in our body that we need to control our nerves and muscle performance in our body. But if our body bleeds or sweats greatly it will cause an imbalance in our bodies. If our body lack potassium, it will affect our muscle expansion which in turn cause our muscles to cramp up.

Great workout drink

When working out or doing vigorous physical activity can cause the body to lose many of the potassium, minerals, calcium, and magnesium. It can be dangerous for your health if you don’t replace them as soon as possible. Therefore, people who spend hours working out will carry mineral drinks. Coconut water is also a great alternative to restoring the body back to health.

Helps with bowel movement

When food enters our bodies, it holds many components and toxins that need to be digested. If there is difficulty with your bowel movement, the toxins will remain in the body and can cause serious digestive complications. Coconut water holds soluble fiber which helps control bowel movement. It can also lower high blood pressure due to its arginine which is known to decrease blood vessels and increase blood flow.

Other benefits that coconut water also holds amino acids, B-complex vitamins, cytokines and phytochemicals that our body needs and feeds from. As you can see coconut water is a great drink for your overall health. 

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