DIY Fruit Juice- Natural Drink Recipes


Hey you! Yeah, you! Do you have a thing for nutrition and healthy living? Do you want to know a delicious way to get tons of vitamins and minerals? Something that is quite easy to make as well? No need to guess, I’ll tell you myself. Its fruit juices. If you want to experiment and make some on your own, here are some fruit juice recipes that you can DIY:

The Green Zone:

This juice is a fun and tasty way to consume some green fruits and vegetables, and here are the things you need to make it. As you can see, there is an abundance of green vegetables and fruits, hence the name.

· Apples - 2 medium

· Celery - 4 stalk, large

· Cucumber - 1 cucumber

· Ginger Root - 1 thumb 

· Kale - 6 leaf

· Lemon - 1/2 fruit

Though you can use red apples for this juice, but to follow the whole ‘green’ theme, you should get green apples. Once the ingredients have been acquired and prepared, cut them into small pieces and process them through a juicer; shake or stir it real nice, and Voila! The first of our healthy juice recipes is done.

The Breakfast Juice:

We call this the breakfast juice, because that’s when you should drink this juice. Most people drink juice in their breakfast, and here’s one of the best fruit juice recipes for that purpose. Here are the things you need:

· 2 lemons – peeled, seeded and quartered.

· 2 apples, quartered.

· 2 carrots, chopped.

· 2 beats, trimmed and chopped.

One the ingredients have been acquired, proceed with putting them through the juicer and collecting the juice in a large glass. Once the procedure has been completed, enjoy your freshly made breakfast juice. For maximum benefits, leave the skin on the apples and carrots as they are a good source of fiber.

Carrot and Orange Juice:

To finish off our list, we have chosen something very simple and as far as juices go, a timeless classic if there ever was one. Here are the things you need:

· 2 pounds of organic carrots, trimmed and scrubbed.

· 8 organic oranges, peeled.

It takes only two ingredients but those two simple ingredients turn this juice into a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients. It’ll take you a couple of minutes doing the scrubbing and peeling, but once that done, you need a juicer for the next step. Simply put the ingredients in the juices and collect the juice in a large glass. Add ice to your liking, or alternatively put it in the fridge; and with that one of our first fruit juice recipes. However it is recommended that you consume it immediately after you make it to minimize nutrient loss.

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